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Currently, we are using our standard 9-seater van for our tours, and it can accommodate up to a maximum of 8 travellers per each departure. Our vans are comfortable, air-conditioned, clean and quite spacious. There is also free Wi-Fi on board for everyone’s convenience. A water dispenser is also available in our van so that guests can refill their water bottles anytime for free. In the future, we will be using our bigger coaches for the tours and we will surely update here should we make that switch!

At the moment, there are no toilets on board since we are using vans instead. However, we will surely make stops for toilet breaks along the overland journey.

It depends. However, for each departure, there will be a maximum of 8 travellers on board.

We advise that you travel as light as possible. This is especially when you’re travelling to places like Mount Kinabalu and Sukau Rainforest Lodge. You’re also advised to prepare a suitable luggage if you are going to Selingan Island for an overnight stay.

We do not have seating arrangements on board, so travellers may choose to sit on whichever seat they are comfortable with in the van. Seating will also be on a first come, first serve basis.

The overland journey will be comfortable as the roads travelled on are asphalt roads. And depending on your destination, the experience varies. In the city, you’ll be able to see much more of the local urban settings and city life. The journey to Kinabalu Park on the other hand, will be a more nature scenic journey. The same goes with any of the overland journey outside the city, you will expect to drive by townships, village settlements, plantations, jungle forests and many others.

Yes, we offer discounts for children. The discount given depends of the child's age (based on their BIRTH YEAR, not birth month). Contact our tour consultant at for further information.

Travelling in Borneo

The weather in Borneo, specifically here in Sabah has an average temperature of 32°C in the lowlands, and around 21°C in the highlands. Since we have an equatorial climate, it’s generally hot, sunny and relatively humid all year round, with some rain during certain months. Sometimes, weather can be a little unpredictable too.

Yes, some of the tours are dependent on weather conditions. Bad weather that pose a risk to the safety of our guests when carrying out certain tour or activities will need to be cancelled. This includes boat trips to island destinations and climbing Mount Kinabalu when there’s a storm.

Yes, of course. Just inform your tour consultant about any dietary requirement that you may need and of food allergies if you have any, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Depending on the location and supplier. Most suppliers will offer buffet style with fusion cuisines (Asian mixed with Western).

Since there are various destinations covered during the coach tour, there are also different essentials you will need to bring along. Here’s a list that we’ve compiled for you:

  1. Clothing that suits Borneo’s tropical weather.
  2. Comfortable walking shoes/sandals
  3. Swimwear and sunblock lotion for your island trip.
  4. Warm clothing and proper footwear for your mount climbing adventure. It gets cold and wet up in the mountains
  5. Other mountain climbing essentials such as a headlamp
  6. A good camera to capture all the amazing moments
  7. Insect repellent for when you’re in the jungle

For a more detailed list, you can always get in touch with your tour consultant to provide you with the necessary information.

To enter Malaysian Borneo, an internationally recognised travel document such as your passport must be VALID for at least more than SIX (6) months from date of entry into the country.

Travellers from most countries around the world are not required to obtain a visa, and receive an immigration stamp upon arrival at the airport or other entry points. Take note that nationals of Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America and other European Union countries are EXEMPTED from obtaining visa for visits that DO NOT exceed 90 Days (3 Months).

Want to know more about which countries have visa-free entry to Malaysia and the length of stay allowed, please visit the Immigration Department of Malaysia website.

Yes, we highly advise you to purchase a travel insurance before travelling to Malaysian Borneo. This is due to the nature of some of the tours that you will be participating in such as mountain climbing, trekking etc.

We recommend that you purchase a travel insurance policy that will cover not only your medical expenses here, which includes emergency repatriation, but will also cover personal liability, cancellation and loss of luggage. It definitely helps to be prepared for any unforeseen and unwanted circumstances that might disrupt your travel experience or incur additional costs.

About booking

We do not accept cash payment. You can make a payment by debit or credit card, either Visa or MasterCard. When making your payment online, you will be directed to a secured web link. For security purposes, no confidential information will be stored in the system throughout the process. We will require a full-payment for confirmed tour package. Failing to do this will result in the cancellation of your booking.

You can pay a deposit to make your booking. However, confirmed tours MUST be paid in full. Failing to do so will result in the cancellation of your booking.

Yes, your transaction online will be secured as data is hosted securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider. We are applying the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as we are accepting credit/debit card payment online. This also means that your data will not be kept and stored once the transaction is made through the payment gateway host.

Entrance fee to Island, Kinabalu Park, Luanti, Labuk, Sepilok & Sun Bear Conservation Centre is not included in the published rates.

You are paying for the accommodation, meals as specified and English speaking guide.

At the moment, this package is only offered to our direct customer. We do not offer this package to any agents.

Yes, and you should contact your Tour Consultant as soon as possible if you wish to change or cancel your booking. Any cancellation requests MUST be submitted to us in writing via email. HOWEVER, we regret that we will be unable to issue a full refund for cancellations.

About Personal Data Protection

The Personal Data that we will require from you includes general information like your name, gender, age, date of birth, occupation and other information for identity verification.

You can refer to our Privacy Policy for a more detailed list of the personal data that we collect.

Your Personal Data will not be kept longer than necessary, which means that we will retain them until we have no more use for it.

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By not providing us with the necessary personal information or data that we require, we will not be able to proceed to give you the services that you are requesting for. This will also affect the transaction process of your booking with us.

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All your Personal Data is stored in protected databases at addresses that are secure. This is to prevent unauthorised access, which are protected by encryption mechanism, firewalls as well as passwords. However, data that is transmitted over the internet cannot be guaranteed to be fully secured. So please take caution when you transmit your Personal Data over the Internet.

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